Jonathan Johnson


"Michael is an excellent corporate lawyer, particularly skilled in licensing and contract work. He is a hard worker, a quick study, an efficient draftsman, and a skilled negotiator."




Ken Jennings


Colter Jennings

"We worked with Michael as outside counsel when he was in house with an emerging technology company, primarily on intellectual property issues and some transactional matters. Michael had a true renaissance-man ability to handle the needs of a growing enterprise. More importantly, he was an exceptional colleague and a pleasure to work with — a professional associate who can be a true friend."




Travis K. Smith

President & COO, 

Collective Medical Technologies, Inc.

"Michael is the strongest of a large number of junior attorneys that have worked for or with me over 15 years of practice and 8+ as General Counsel at two companies. ... Michael is an extremely hard worker and a true self-starter. ... He is by nature cautious, thorough and analytical, and this serves him well; he does a very nice job spotting issues and considering the downside of taking various actions. Michael is also extremely well organized and detail oriented, able to juggle and keep track of many tasks concurrently."

Source: Letter of Recommendation, January 8, 2015



Tim Holladay

Founder & CEO,

Crowd Mics, Inc.

"Michael is extremely responsive and attentive to details. ... Michael is honest, hardworking, and interested in whats best for you."

Source: LinkedIn



Rob Ludlow


Lighten Home Health

"Michael was terrific to work with and provided high-quality feedback on critical agreements in short periods of time."